Our Journey

Ten years ago I built a house in a tiny town in Northern California. In the boonies. As in we didn’t even have internet boonies. I finished school commuting from that house. I brought two dogs to their forever home there. I learned much more about home repair, maintenance, and construction than I ever intended to. And mostly I tried to be aware of how lucky I was to live where I did. The trails, the critters, the quiet, the river, all things that I loved about my little home.

When I say my first home I do actually mean it. We moved around a lot as kids so having a home for ten years where we could paint rooms and put things on the walls was a big deal. We had a lot of family gatherings there. I started my business from a room I built. We also said goodbye to our dog Jelly at our home. On our porch where she would chase lizards and sit in the sun our vet put her out of her pain. So yes, saying goodbye to this home was a big moment.

The house sold in one day. Much faster than I ever anticipated. So within a week my brother and I had to decide what’s next. And what we decided was to delay our grown up lives for a little bit and and see this big country. We’ve done road trips with our family as kids, to Montana and Colorado, and me and my pup Dot have driven across the country twice for a stint in NYC. But there was so much I had never seen. I’ve been to Amsterdam twice but never Austin, Texas. I have been to tiny towns in Colombia where you fly in on a prop plane and are transported by horse and buggy to a boat, but I have never been to Seattle. Having no house payments, no house bills, and throwing everything in storage is a great opportunity to see these places.

So, me and my brother and my dog Dot are doing just this. We’ve packed our bags, made some reservations and have a general itinerary and for two months we’re going to see what we can see. I’m going to be doing some crafting along the way. Keith is going to be searching out baked goods. And Dot is going to be sniffing everything along the way and looking for good hikes. Hopefully our friends and family and whoever else wants to will follow us here to see what we’re up to.


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