Sashiko and a Weaving Queen

You would think that on a two month long road trip that you would have a lot of down time, mainly in the car. I have had a lot of passenger time, we did drive for twelve hours the other day, but not a lot of crafting time. My co-pilot time is often spent searching for places to stay along the way, googling roadside history markers, and yelping places to eat or things to see in our next city. Also my crafts were terribly unorganized before we left and stayed that way for several days. Moving and planning a big ass road trip is difficult and time consuming so my crafts got thrown into a few bags and I organized those and planned over the last week.

P.S. I linked some things here but it’s just for your convenience not for my profit. If I linked it it’s because I like it and want to share it with you.


I started with Sashiko. Using an iron on transfer I got from Brammble at Patchwork last year. It worked great, or it would have if I had pins to pin it in place. Forgetting the more than a dozen needles I do have was my fault. The first two places we stayed also didn’t have irons. My grand plan included doing all the iron on stuff before we left but time management is not always my best skill. Once we had a hotel with an iron I got it messily transferred. I also fused my Sashiko fabric to a basic muslin to give it more of a textured quilted look. Oh, and the knife was because for the first few days my craft bag ended up in the trunk and my scissors were in it. I love Sashiko any day but it’s great on the go because you can toss it in a folder when you need to put it away and you only need one or two colors to make something really beautiful. One problem is that very few people carry the supplies. Getting low on blue thread I tried several top notch crafting shops in Austin and could only find white thread in one shop. I’ll be on the lookout though as we travel along.

Weaving Queen Maryanne Moodie

I have been following Maryanne Moodie since I received the first The Crafter’s Box. I loved her work because of the colors and the geometric look of some of her pieces. I’ve been checking her classes and touring schedule like a hawk and found that her visit to Austin matched my visit to Austin perfectly. The class was at CRAFT, an amazing space specifically for craers and classes. It’s a dream. Her 3 hour class could have been 6 hours and still not long enough. But 3 hours is better than no hours. Having taken my first weaving class with Megan Shimek I wasn’t exactly a beginner but still like taking beginner classes because I like learning the basics and each instructor has their own style and favorite techniques. I also got a small loom with the beginner class, which is perfectly portable for the rest of my trip and gives me an excuse to buy yarn along the way. Maryanne is so open and encouraging, I really hope to catch her for a more advanced class next time when she’s on her book tour. Yes, a new weaving book! I pre ordered it because I’m really excited to have a modern weaver share her art with us. 

Tips and Tricks

I’m just getting used to road life. We just figured out the best luggage configuration and I got both, yes two, of my craft bags organized, fabric cut and scissors located. Here are a few things I’ve learned so far

  • Bring more scissors than you think you’ll need 
  • Accordion folders are perfect for holding projects in process
  • A giant road atlas book works like a lap desk, and also as a map
  • A flat iron can substitute for an actual iron when using smaller iron on transfer patterns
  • Bring less fabric than you want


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